About Sunset Roundup

Welcome to one and all!  Key West Sunset Roundup is an annual gathering of recovering alcoholics and their families.  The Roundup is organized locally and attracts participants from all over the United States.   We have some exciting changes this year!  We  are moving our venue to Grand Key Resort, located on the upper curve of our beautiful island.  We have added new workshops and new activities.    We have also added a breakfast buffet for Sunday morning and a dance, featuring DJ Rudi, on Saturday night after Clancy.

The mission of Sunset Roundup is to celebrate recovery, unity and service.  Our theme this year is "We Will be Amazed...".  These are some of the beginning words of the promises in the AA big book.  We will explore the promises in our meetings and workshops this year. We will also be adding morning and evening meditations, guided and silent.  Our vision is to bring the promises alive in all of our lives. 

We hope that you will join us for a weekend of enlightenment and adventure!

Why we pay 

 One of the most common misconceptions about recovery conferences is that they are AA meetings and, since "there are no dues or fees for AA membership", some say there should be no dues or fees to attend a roundup.  Sunset Roundup incurs several basic necessary expenses to organize the convention. 
We incur charges to use the facilities and rent meeting/fundraising space.  We also incur charges for postage and printing, as well as the necessary expenses of covering our speakers' travel and lodging expenses.  The goal for the committee is to break even, and perhaps even put some money into a prudent reserve for the following year.  All committee members always pay for full registrations.  Therefore, Sunset Roundup does charge a nominal registration fee.  It is important to remember that, as responsible members in recovery, we "pay our own way".  Our registration fee of $35 includes speakers, workshops, and all other events.